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This house belongs to the northern coastline series, featuring second floor living and ample terraces, for views onto the changing sea. The owner had a clear idea of the large protective gullwing shaped main roof, inspiring it`s diagonally oriented `echo` above the garage and sauna-swimming pool wing. A simple L-shaped plan solves sleeping, living and spa functions into private wings, separated by the main entry hall, interior glazing, and the division into stories. Materials are triple glazing, white stucco on insulated blocks, and natural wood triple stained against the elements. A large stone-clad fireplace zones the second floor into living and dining areas, another is provided for the wood-burning sauna. General heating is solved with ground collectors. Interior finishes will be of natural materials for an ecological and allergy- free environment. Team: Lembit Tork, Jekaterina Magdalenoka, Kadri Liivorg. Structural engineer: Ago-Allan Kuddu.

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